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QB Business Helps Dealers with their Annual Warranty Parts and Labor Increase From $100K-$400K


QB Business Helps Dealers Increase their Parts and Labor Sales with Sustainable Operations

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Helps Dealers Increase Their Annual Warranty Parts Gross Profits

Warranty Parts and Labor Retail Compensation

Warranty Labor Retail Compensation

Our Absolute Commitment To Our Clients

We take on the labor-intensive process, allowing your team to concentrate on their jobs and running your business. Compensation in 30-60 days. No up front fees, no processing fees, we get paid when you get paid. Get the most out of your Retail Warranty Reimbursement

Requires minimal interruption to your staff and business

Return on your investment in 30 days

No dealer money up front and no processing fee

Auto Brands are paying dealers for their parts and labor at a much lower rate than the Law permits. Auto Brands generally compensate their dealer parts mark up at cost +40%, yet dealers have the capability of obtaining over the national avg of 76%, or higher. As a result, Auto dealers all over the US have been compelled to accept 40% markup or MSRP for Warranty Compensation when they are entitled to their Retail Warranty Parts Markup.

Labor warranty rates are also typically compensated much lower than the stores Customer Pay door Rate. However, Dealerships are entitled to the Retail Warranty Labor Rate. Our Increases range from $100,000 thru $500,000 annually.

Have QB Business Solutions handle the entire process. We guarantee results with no upfront fees or costs;We don’t get paid until you get paid.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Submission Process to QB Business Solutions

  • QB Business Solutions performs the submission process on your behalf and has a good understanding of two critical aspects: complex state laws as well as the manufacturer’s response to the submission. The objective should be nothing more than to get your dealer approved for the maximum rate increase as well as ensure that all relationships with the brand remain the same

    QB Business Solutions has the proper technology in place to select the best repair orders as well as expertly trained staff who dedicate their time to retail rate submissions every day of the week. QB Business Solutions does not outsource any work, all preparations and submissions are completed in-house.

  • The expertise of using QB Business Solutions will benefit your store on knowing all the laws in this area, as they are constantly changing as well as constant P&P changes. Given the enormity of the work that your dealership already performs how are you expected to stay on top of this ever-changing information, package a successful labor and parts rate increase submissions, and rebut any potential push-backs?

    The answer is simple, QB Business Solutions is here for a full-service warranty labor and parts reimbursement process that is custom designed for each dealer

  • QB Business Solutions is sensitive to the qualifications that manufacturers require, but we are also conscious of what’s best for your dealership. Creating long term sustainable processes are what we started our company on and we continue to make that our #1 focus. We are very proud that our success rate is over 99% approvals at or above our projected forecast for parts and labor submission. This allows the dealer to have a higher degree of confidence that your initial submission will be accepted by the manufacturer and that you won’t forfeit any sales and profit.

  • Our proprietary One on One approach for each dealer is designed to drive the most optimal rate, one that also conforms with state and manufacturer rules—guaranteed to get you a fair and reasonable market rate reimbursement.

Bottom Line!

All Dealers have an opportunity to generate significant sales and bottom-line results without any up-front investment, risk or significant time commitment, by simply letting a qualified Account t Manager perform a retail submission to your manufacturer. Think about it: What else could you do to generate as much profit as you would by doubling your warranty Parts mark-up or Labor Rates? Get the most out of your retail warranty reimbursement.

Most concerns can be overcome by simply making the right choice. With over 60 years of automotive dealer experience, no one understands better than us that your concerns are real. Our suggestion is that you check with your fellow dealers; a simple phone call could help you to take the first step. If you take a moment to review the calculator option, you too can find out how much additional sales and profit you should be making. Feel free to contact us at anytime for more information, we look forward to hearing from you.

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