Month: September 2022

What Are The Gaps In Your Warranty Rate Financially Worth?

Hello dealers! Pedro here with QB Business Solutions. We wanna help your store increase its warranty rate for parts and labor. If you have not filed for a reimbursement increase, and you’re wondering what the gaps in your rates could do for you. Visit our website at www.qbbusinesssolutions.com for more details. You can also use […]

FAQs with Pedro and Thomas Hall

FAQs with Pedro and Thomas Hall Warranty Claims Management - QB Business Solutions

Pedro: Hello dealers and fixed op managers! I’m Pedro, we’re here with QB Business Solutions hanging out with owner Thomas Hall. And today we’re gonna discuss some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding Warranty Reimbursement Increases, Thomas Fireaway. Thomas: All right, so we do get hundreds of questions through our website monthly. […]

Helping Dealers Achieve Warranty Reimbursement Increases

Helping Dealers Achieve Warranty Reimbursement Increases Warranty Reimbursement Increases by QB Business Solutions

Hello dealers! I’m Pedro, Business Development Manager at QB Business Solutions. We may have worked with your store in the past recently, if so, we thank you for your support without your referrals. We would not be where we are today. For those who don’t know us, QB Business is a company dedicated in helping […]

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