Your ONE-STOP Warranty Reimbursement & Warranty Claims Processing Solution

With over 50 years of experience, QB Business Solutions has a team of dedicated professionals, who work one-on-one with dealers to receive retail compensation for Warranty Labor and Parts. Our focus is getting your Warranty Labor Rate close to your door rate, and Parts Markup to national average or higher. We are rapidly growing with over 1500 dealers completed in the last 4 years.

When it comes to your automotive Warranty Management Service for Warranty Claims, rely upon and trust in QB Business Solutions successfully proven systems to regain your revenues and your time. Our warranty processes are your warranty management solution, and the results speak for themselves. As your warranty management solution, our staff is dedicated to your warranty claim processing success and is here to be a partner to your automotive dealership administration.

Why Trust QB Business as Your One-Stop Solution?

We are a result-driven organization that prides itself in delivering world-class service and best in industry results. We have a trusted team with a proven track record dedicated to serve our client a tailored experience based on your current market and business practices.

Read What Some of Our Clients Have To Say About Us!

“QB Business Solutions has proven themselves to be a valuable partner. We began using them in a handful of our stores and then realized what a strong asset they could be. They have helped us increase our warranty parts and labor gross by over $3,000,000.00 in 15 months across 28 of our Dealerships. Their hands on approach working with our parts and service managers with Grid and Matrix pricing also helped us increase our Customer Pay parts and labor gross percentages as well as our overall effective labor rates.
Greenway Automotive Group is proud to have them as a partner and would recommend them to every Dealership and Dealer Group across the nation! “
Todd Heitz, National Corporate Fixed Ops Director, Greenway Automotive Group

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