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The Importance of Warranty Claim Management Services to Automotive Dealers

Auto warranty management claim processing is a large-scale system, involving a long chain of communications from the manufacturer down to the customer. So, it can be complicated to effectively manage the process if your company lacks the resources, time, and expertise for such an undertaking.

If you feel overwhelmed with managing your warranty process and claims, you’re not alone. Thousands of car dealerships rely on professional warranty management services to track products or services under warranty period. Additionally, a warranty management system can allow validity to re-import the claim expense as well as ensure correct retail warranty reimbursement. And Auto warranty management Getting an expert to manage claims is never more important than now when state laws and brands constantly change.

What Is A Warranty Claim Management System?

Automotive warranty claims management system is a solution that allows entry of online claims, uploading of claims from service systems, verification of claims, and review of vast warranty business rules. The system allows car dealers to process various types of auto claims including post sale warranty, spare parts claim, and dealer PDI.

Why Automotive Dealers Need Professional Warranty Claim Management Services

  • Timely and accurate processing that reflects the nature of the claim, and classify it into categories that make sense
  • Easy estimation of the approximate repair costs
  • Effective monitoring of the servicer to record performance for future reference
  • Easy storage of all payments for report generations
  • Drastic reduction or elimination of losses in the process of computing claims

Choosing the right Warranty Claim Management System For Your Company

A dedicated warranty management service like QB Business Solutions ensures that claims are processed correctly and timely to prevent avoidable losses. Their retail warranty reimbursement and warranty claims processing service is focused on ensuring that automotive dealers get the money they are entitled to.

Why Choose QB Business Solutions?

A Team of skilled experts

The biggest advantage of working with QB Business Solutions is that you will have an entire team of skilled experts watching over your warranty claims. The experts review your warranty receivables each month and identify issues or concerns, and then address them before they get out of hand.

Good faith with manufacturers

QB Business Solutions is trusted by many manufacturers for their trustworthy and ethical operation. Whether you need an expert to represent your dealership for an audit situation or a professional you can keep on a permanent basis, QB Business Solutions takes on your warranty claims with honesty and professionalism.

Expert Representation in the event of an audit

In the event you are audited, QB Business Solutions sends representation to your dealership to sit through the audit. As your warranty administrator and claim processing expert, they will be there to defend the work they do for you.

Ready to get started with a reliable warranty claim management system, speak to an expert at QB Business Solutions today. For more information, call: 1-800-970-4701.


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