Warranty Claims Processing Services For Your Dealership

QB Business Solutions is now proud to offer expert Warranty Claims Processing services for your dealership

QB Business Solutions is now your one stop warranty solution for your dealership. We are proud to announce the addition of expert warranty claims processing services to help your dealership maximize profits and maintain smooth operations as things begin to get back to normal after a rocky 2020.

Our warranty claims processing services will help increase profits while reducing the time spent on warranty claim and warranty management and processing. We achieve this by integrating your dealership warranty claim into our successful warranty claims management system. We know that no two dealers are the same, which is why our dedicated account managers work one on one with clients to achieve the best results for your warranty claims processing and warranty claims management, as opposed to simply using a software system, which can yield lower results.

Paperwork is one of the most important factors involved with warranty service and warranty claim processing and we pride ourselves with having the highest integrity in our warranty claim paperwork with over 99% accuracy. As state laws and brand changes occur, we also stay up to date with and adapt to new warranty claim changes and training whenever they arise. We enjoy helping automotive dealers get back on track operationally and become sustainable for the future.


What is warranty claim processing?

If repairs are incomplete or there are faulty parts, an upset customer can prompt you to worry about how to handle a warranty claim or whether extended warranty coverage is even applicable. As a more customer focused process, warranty claim processing and warranty claim management can be a distracting and costly task for many automotive dealerships. Managing warranty claim processes are complicated, time consuming, and involve specific compliance procedures that can result in the loss of valuable revenue and time. Using our successfully proven warranty management system, we can help to reduce warranty costs to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Outsourcing Warranty Claims VS In House

While it can seem like a manageable task to handle in house, the benefits of outsourcing your dealer warranty claim or extended warranty to an expert warranty claim service can prove to be a priceless value. With so much potential revenue available to claim and so many challenges to face in addition to regular responsibilities, QB Solutions is the solution for your automotive warranty claim processing and warranty management needs.
Some benefits include:

  • You can focus on retaining retail sales
  • Claims paid the first submission 86% or above
  • Improves your department efficiency
  • Lower department overhead
  • Sustaining compliance requirement through documentation audits


When it comes to your automotive warranty management service for warranty claim and extended warranty, rely upon and trust in QB Solutions’ successfully proven systems to regain your revenues and your time. Our warranty processes are your warranty management solution and the results speak for themselves. As your warranty management solution, our staff is dedicated to your warranty claim processing success and is here to be a partner to your automotive dealership administration.

How does QB Help?

Based on your last 12-month financial data we will forecast your individual annualized Parts and Labor gain. Once you review our forecast and decide you would like to proceed, we will send you a Dealer Agreement and we will get your store(s) set up quickly.

We work directly with your DMS provider to create the necessary reports with Dealer approval to complete the submission process. QB Business Solutions’ knowledge, dedication, and proprietary warranty data reporting allow us to maximize the Dealers’ return. Our commitment to our clients is to configure the best outcome while following State and Factory guidelines. We monitor your submission and provide you with timelines of the expected notification from the factory. Once manufacturer approved, immediate increase to Parts and/or Labor gross profit year over year.


At QB Business Solutions, our goal is to maximize your automotive dealership’s profitability and operations, and our Warranty Claim Processing Service does just that. With over 25 years of warranty management system experience, we understand from an ownership level what warranty and service challenges you face with your warranty claim processing system and warranty claims management, whether there is a gap in claims, poor past experiences, or lack of time to effectively process your warranty claim. Auto dealers lose thousands of dollars every day by not processing a warranty claim correctly or on time with the right warranty processes and claims management. QB Business Solutions is here to adapt to fit your automotive dealership’s needs while being cost effective in the warranty claim process and warranty claim management.

Call us today at 1-800-970-4701 or visit qbbusinesssolutions.com/warranty-claims-processing/ to learn more.


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