Before You Decide, Think About This

The Challenge of Interpreting State Laws

Statues are written differently for each state, which can be confusing, vague, and difficult to comprehend

QB Account Managers are subject matter experts standing by to help you

DMS Reporting and Processing

Knowledge of data reporting and review of thousands of repair orders

We work with all Brands and all DMS systems, we engage with your Management Staff in the process; however, our staff does the tedious and hard work of preparing the submission, 

QB Solutions is your Solution to receive your maximum allowed retail compensation.
receive your maximum allowed retail compensation

Effective Results are Challenging

Dealer employees are not familiar with state laws. Employees have limited time and availability to review invoices, and do not capture the true dollar the dealer amount is entitled

QB specializes in maintaining dealer and manufacture relationships to ensure the processing guidelines meet all State requirements

Extensive Labor Resources

Utilizing employees to process the submission requires time away from their daily tasks and customers, generating loss of dealer revenue

QB has a highly trained staff so that you can maintain your employee’s resources for day to day operations

Let QB do it for you!