Retail Warranty Reimbursement

Retail Warranty Reimbursement

Do you feel like the Manufacturer-Dealer relationship is working against you? Auto dealers may be able to get a more fair deal and a better bottom line with QB Business Solutions’ roadmap to success for retail warranty reimbursement. QB Business is a Retail Warranty Reimbursement service provider with the tools and systems that aim to maximize your retail warranty gross profit.

In the automotive industry, it’s well known that state laws protect dealers from their manufacturer counterparts. Unnamed manufacturers behaved unfavorably in the past, and states showed they noticed by taking legal action. In fact, more states continue to enact protective legislation for industry dealers, and the number should reach all 50 States in the coming future.


Auto dealers accept their Warranty Parts markup at 40% or MSRP, which typically does not reflect their current retail rate and there is often a large disparity in Warranty Labor reimbursement compared to the Dealers Retail Labor Rate.


Many dealers are unaware of their opportunity to receive full Retail Compensation for their Parts and Labor warranty reimbursement.


Laws are vague and complex and vary from state to state and every manufacturer has different guidelines to abide by which can be confusing and difficult to interpret.


QB Solutions is your “ Solution “ to receive your maximum allowed retail compensation.







QB never dials into your dealerships DMS, we wouldn’t want that, and our clients dont want that either. We take a consultive approach to guarantee best in the industry results.

QB Business is your “Solution“ to receive your maximum allowed retail compensation and expert warranty claims processing service.

Wrapping All of This Up

At the end of the day, dealers of all sizes have a massive opportunity to increase their warranty gross profit. Not only are you entitled to receive fair reimbursement for warranty parts and labor and warranty work but you can also potentially double the size of your current retail warranty reimbursement revenue. Tackling the  submission process should not be taken lightly, but if you do attack it judiciously and professionally, you can reap the benefits to get the best possible rates. By not taking action, you must know you’re causing yourself thousands of dollars per year. QB Business Solutions can only hope that you see the upside and take the necessary steps to execute the  submission process accordingly.

When it comes to your warranty management service for warranty claims, rely upon and trust in QB Solutions’ successfully proven systems to regain your revenues and your time. Our staff is dedicated to your warranty claims processing success and is here to be a partner to your automotive dealership administration.