With over 50 years of experience, QB Business Solutions is your ONE-STOP solution for retail warranty reimbursement. Our main objective is to make sure automotive dealers are getting the money they are entitled to. Our focus is getting your Warranty Labor Rate close to your door rate and Parts Markup to national average or higher.

As state laws and brands constantly change, our team of experts is your operational partner, staying up to date with and adapting to any new changes and training needed to obtain the best possible and sustainable results. 

Instead of taking on this complicated and time-consuming task in house, rely on QB Business Solutions to take on your Warranty labor rate and get you the results you’re looking for, so that you can focus on the more important things.

With over 25 years of Warranty Management System experience, we understand from an ownership level the warranty and service challenges you face with your warranty claim processing system and warranty claims management. Whether you have gaps in claims, poor past experiences, or lack of time to effectively process your warranty claim, QB is your partner for success. 

Auto dealers lose thousands of dollars every day by not processing a warranty claim system correctly or on time with the right warranty processes and claims management. QB Business Solutions is here to fit your automotive dealership’s needs while being cost effective in the warranty claim process and warranty claim management.

We focus on first paid submissions being 92% or higher and 2.0 days to submission or less. We enjoy helping automotive dealers get back on track operationally and become sustainable for the future. We pride ourselves on integrity, accuracy, and sustainable results, ensuring the client is always first with satisfaction guaranteed.

QB Business Solutions
QB Business Solutions
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Owner/ President of QB Business Solutions

With 43 years of experience in the Automotive Industry, Lumena is defined by her endless hard work, determination to achieve higher standards, and strong business acumen. She organized and formed the QB Business Solution, a company dedicated to becoming business partners with each of their clients in providing factual based recommendations and sustainable solutions for Warranty Labor Rates and Parts at Retail Compensation. As a Fixed Operation Director of Parts and Service who regularly attended and participated in FADA meetings, she was a part of the Member Panel in an effort to help create the Florida SB-2582 in 2008. This bill allows Franchisees to request an increase for their Parts and Labor Retail Compensation for warranty based work.

Above all, Lumena demonstrates success in the Automotive Industry with numerous achievements including FCA Excellence Awards, FCA Diamond Certification, 20 Group NCM Dealer Fixed Operation Award year over year profit increase and is a graduate of ATCON Certification. Along with these successes, she has been a Pilot for Reynolds and Reynolds, the industry leader in Automotive technology, a Pilot for FCA Express Lane Programs and has been an On-Site Consultant for Parts and Service Auto Dealers. As an On-Site consultant, Lumena provides financial analysis by creating action plans for long term sustainable practices. Her continuous dedication to the Automotive Industry throughout the years and to today is shown through these successes and achievements Lumena Litts has attained.


Owner / VP of Sales, Operations, and Training

Thomas Hall is Owner / VP of Sales, Operations, and Training at QB Business Solutions. QB Business Solutions was established in 2015 by Lumena Litts and Thomas Hall joined shortly after, as he saw the great potential the company could offer its clients. Today, QB Business Solutions is a multi-million-dollar company specializing in Automotive Warranty Parts and Labor Increase and Warranty Claims Processing. Before devoting his work full time to QB Business Solutions, Thomas served as a district/ regional manager and vice president of retail stores ranging from 20 Million – 1.3Billion in Revenue.

Thomas holds a BS in Business and numerous awards and acknowledgments from his time working in retail administration. What began as a passion for building and racing cars is now a leading solution for Retail Warranty Reimbursement and Warranty Claims Processing in the automotive industry. Through QB Business Solutions, Thomas, a natural leader, works closely with dealerships while driving a team of motivated individuals to get dealers to achieve the highest results in sales and profit Thomas often credits his previous leaders for pushing him to succeed. Hard work, experience, lots of reading, and the positive influence from his past experiences have significantly impacted him and his achievements. Thomas is a big believer in taking his time to listen and focus on a culture of understanding. His background in leadership and exceptional training skills help define who he is as a business owner. Thomas is the type of person who is always there to help, offer advice, and push others to succeed.

When Thomas is not working, you will probably find him deep-sea fishing, playing volleyball, and soaking up as much Florida sun as he can while spending time outdoors on the weekends.

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