How To Make Retail Warranty Reimbursement Work For You

How To Make Retail Warranty Reimbursement Work For You


Dealerships across the US (whether large scale groups or smaller single stores) should always be looking for opportunities that will generate additional revenue, especially during these unprecedented times. As many dealerships are forced to lay off employees to keep things running, there is a solution that requires no upfront investment and barely any work on your part that can help find that additional revenue you desperately need: a retail warranty reimbursement submission on parts and labor

Nowadays we live in a world where digital marketing has helped to level the playing field for auto dealerships when it comes to selling and repairing cars. So its even more important to understand how you can help your dealership increase its profits… without risk and without a high dollar investment.

A lot of dealers’ reaction to retail warranty reimbursements is that it seems too good to be true, which we understand. The reality is that the right 3rd party vendor like QB Business Solutions can easily guide you through the process.  If you have ever taken the time to consider all of the nuances involved, you’ll realize this is not the time to take this on yourself— with the potential rebuttals and state and manufacturer rules, it’s not always a walk in the park.

But, as rare and complicated as this type of opportunity seems, Retail warranty reimbursement has a huge and growing presence in the marketplace, and a lack of awareness is becoming a thing of the past. You have to act now to position your dealership to maximize your earnings. Ask yourself this – is your dealership ready with the revenue it needs to get a running head start as we begin to get back to normal?

How can you make Retail Warranty Reimbursement work for you?

Does an extra 500k in retail warranty reimbursement on parts and labor sound to you? We won’t wait on an answer since we can assume it is a resounding YES! Well, that’s exactly what can happen when you maximize your retail warranty reimbursements on parts and labor with QB Business Solutions. . Even dealers with the most conservative pricing can improve their warranty gross profit by as much as 50%, and, best of all, it’s a one-time process.

By law in 48 states, you are entitled to be reimbursed by your manufacturer for warranty work at “retail” rates. This does not mean list or MSRP. In fact, in most states, the law defines “retail” as the dealer’s customer “repair” rate (or what a customer pays you for warranty repair orders).With these submissions, you have the chance to increase your annual warranty parts gross profits by thousands of dollars. But, retail warranty reimbursement submissions aren’t as simple as following a couple steps on a form. Each manufacturer and state have its own set rules and laws that you’ll need to follow. And a lot of times, these rules aren’t documented, further complicating the process.

Outside of that, one of the most common objections we hear from dealerships, is simply not having enough time and we can definitely understand that. Dealerships are scrambling to keep paychecks coming and maintaining any semblance of normalcy, so where would they have time to prepare and submit a complex retail warranty submission? That’s exactly where a true professional services firm like QB Business comes in. QB Business Solutions has over 25 years of experience, QB Business Solutions is your one stop solution for retail warranty reimbursement and warranty claims processing service. Automotive dealers lose thousands everyday by warranty claims not being processed correctly or timely. As state laws and brands constantly change, our team of experts is your operational partner, staying up to date with and adapting to any new changes and training needed to obtain the best possible and sustainable results. Instead of taking on this complicated and time-consuming task in house, rely on QB Business Solutions to take on your warranty claims and get you the results you’re looking for, so that you can focus on the more important things.

What sets us apart from other retail warranty reimbursement processing companies is our consultative approach.  QB Business Solutions is a team of dedicated professionals, who work one on one with dealers to receive retail compensation for warranty labor and parts. No two dealers are the same and that allows us to help anyone to achieve the best results.

Our main focus is to make sure automotive dealers are getting the money they are entitled to. For retail warranty reimbursement, our focus is getting your warranty labor rate close to your door date and parts to national average or higher. We enjoy helping automotive dealers get back on track operationally and become sustainable for the future. We pride ourselves on integrity, accuracy, and sustainable results, ensuring the client is always first with satisfaction guaranteed.

Opportunity is knocking…

Dealers of all sizes have a massive opportunity to increase their warranty gross profit. Not only are you entitled to receive fair reimbursement for warranty parts and labor and warranty work but you can also potentially double the size of your current retail warranty reimbursement revenue. Tackling the retail warranty reimbursement submission process should not be taken lightly, but if you do attack it judiciously and professionally, you can reap the benefits to get the best possible rates. By not taking action, you must know you’re causing yourself thousands of dollars per year. QB Business Solutions can only hope that you see the upside and take the necessary steps to execute the retail warranty reimbursement submission process accordingly.

When it comes to your warranty management service for warranty claims, rely upon and trust in QB Solutions’ successfully proven systems to regain your revenues and your time. Our staff is dedicated to your warranty claims processing success and is here to be a partner to your automotive dealership administration.


Call us today to learn how QB can help get you an extra 500k in retail warranty reimbursement on parts and labor.


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