Helping Dealers Achieve Warranty Reimbursement Increases

Warranty Reimbursement Increases by QB Business Solutions

Hello dealers! I’m Pedro, Business Development Manager at QB Business Solutions. We may have worked with your store in the past recently, if so, we thank you for your support without your referrals. We would not be where we are today. For those who don’t know us, QB Business is a company dedicated in helping your service and parts department achieve a Warranty Reimbursement Increase. We are the industry leaders in achieving the highest results, and we know how to help you personally. If you’re looking to increase profits this year in your store, you need to contact us directly and we’ll help you maximize every dollar. Here’s why, we work with all brands in all 50 states, we provide 101 consultation support, we have no upfront cost or fees, and most importantly, our average client add between a $100,000 to $500,000 extra to the bottom line. Once again, Pedro here, QB Business, contact us now or go on our website, for more.

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