Retail Warranty Reimbursement

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Do you feel like the Manufacturer-Dealer relationship is working against you? Auto dealers may be able to get a more fair deal and a better bottom line with QB Business Solutions’ roadmap to success for retail warranty reimbursement.

QB Business Solutions is a Retail Warranty Reimbursement service provider with the tools and systems that aim to maximize your retail warranty gross profit.

You should know...

Our main objective is to make sure automotive dealers are getting the money they are entitled to.

Many automotive dealers are unaware of their opportunity to receive full Retail Compensation for their Parts and Labor warranty reimbursement.

Why we're the best solution

No monthly fees.

We don’t get paid until YOU get paid. It’s that simple.

No upfront costs.

That’s right, you don’t have to pay us anything to get started on your warranty reimbursement. Just give us a call. It’s that simple.

No service Fees.

We don’t charge you a service fee, because we get the job done. When you get paid, we get paid. It’s really that simple.

How we do it


Based on your last 12-month financial data we will forecast your individual annualized Parts and Labor gain.
Once you review our forecast and decide you would like to proceed, we will send you a Dealer Agreement and we will get your store(s) set up quickly.

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QB Business Solutions will work directly with your DMS provider to create the necessary reports with Dealer approval to complete the submission process.

QB Business Solutions’ knowledge, dedication, and proprietary warranty data reporting allow us to maximize the Dealers’ return. Our commitment to our clients is to configure the best outcome while following State and Factory guidelines.

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We monitor your submission and provide you with timelines of the expected notification from the factory.
Once manufacturer approved, you receive an immediate increase to your parts and/or labor gross profit year over year.

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Dealers of all sizes have a massive opportunity to increase their warranty gross profit.

Not only are you entitled to receive fair reimbursement for warranty parts and labor and warranty work but you can also potentially double the size of your current retail warranty reimbursement revenue.

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