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Randy Faison Operations Manager at Addy’s Harbor Dodge, Ram, Fiat

We partnered with QB Business Solutions to achieve the maximum amount of markup for Warranty Labor and Warranty Parts. There are several companies that help with retail warranty. Other companies need access to your DMS where they can use your data history to find the required amount of RO’s to submit to the manufacturer. This is the low hanging fruit that is relatively easy to acquire. With the challenges of diminished incentive monies from the manufacturer, it is imperative to re-evaluate all aspects of the business to make sure we are maximizing profits. We decided to go with QB Business solutions because they have a proven business model that will maximize your parts and labor mark up for warranty and in most cases your customer pay as well. They do not require access to your DMS. They instead educate your service and parts departments on how to improve your processes and profitability on the customer pay side of the business. This path requires a little more time on the dealership but is more than worth it in the long run. We received over a $15.00 hourly increase above our original warranty rate

“Our sincerest thanks to Lumena and the staff at QB Business Solutions! In the past 12 months, with their expertise and guidance, Suncoast has realized an increase of 44% in our Chrysler Warranty Labor Rates, and 59% in our Warranty Parts Rates. This has resulted in a huge increase in our net profit margins. We recommend QB Solutions for any dealer who wants to maximize their Manufacturer Warranty Rates.”

Wayne F. Schmidt, Jr. Vice President

“QB Business Solutions has proven themselves to be a valuable partner.  We began using them in a handful of our stores and then realized what a strong asset they could be.  They have helped us increase our warranty parts and labor gross by over $3,000,000.00 in 15 months across 28 of our Dealerships.  Their hands on approach working with our parts and service managers with Grid and Matrix pricing also helped us increase our Customer Pay parts and labor gross percentages as well as our overall effective labor rates.  Greenway Automotive Group is proud to have them as a partner and would recommend them to every Dealership and Dealer Group across the nation!

Todd Heitz, National Corporate Fixed Ops Director, Greenway Automotive Group

“My Service and Parts team along with our Dealer would like to thank you once again for your assistance getting our Warranty Increase through the system. Over the last year you have convinced us to go thru this process two times and both times a huge success to our store. We learned a lot with the first one and were very well prepared on the second with your help”.

Jerry Ulm, Fixed Operations Director, Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM

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