What Are The Gaps In Your Warranty Rate Financially Worth?

Warranty Rate Increase by QB Business Solutions

Hello dealers! Pedro here with QB Business Solutions. We wanna help your store increase its warranty rate for parts and labor. If you have not filed for a reimbursement increase, and you’re wondering what the gaps in your rates could do for you.

Visit our website at www.qbbusinesssolutions.com for more details. You can also use our Reimbursement Calculator and give yourself an estimate on what your financial gain could be this year for parts and labor.

If you have any more questions, reach out to an expert at www.qbbusinesssolutions.com.


  • Thomas Hall

    Thomas Hall is Owner / VP of Sales, Operations, and Training at QB Business Solutions. QB Business Solutions was established in 2015 by Lumena Litts and Thomas Hall joined shortly after, as he saw the great potential the company could offer its clients. Today, QB Business Solutions is a multi-million-dollar company specializing in Automotive Warranty Parts and Labor Increase and Warranty Claims Processing. Before devoting his work full time to QB Business Solutions, Thomas served as a district/ regional manager and vice president of retail stores ranging from 20 Million – 1.3Billion in Revenue.

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